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RI-TELLER is the name of our semi-annual newsletter. Members are encouraged to participate in making this newsletter vibrant by writing articles for each edition.


Issue 1: Fall 2010

Theme: Writing

1.  Public Education at the Crossroads: RI struggles to make sense of low Latino test scores

    RI-TELLER Editors

    Page 1

2.  From Colorless Green Ideas that Sleep Furiously to Meaning- Based Learning and Teaching
    By: Andrés Ramírez
    Page 3

3.  Useful Online Resources for Writing
    Compiled by: Nancy Cloud
    Page 5

4.  African Voices
    By: Anta Lo
    Page 7

5.  Dusting Off What We Already Know: Helping Our ELLs to Write in a Second Language
    By: Lisa Davis
    Page 8

6.  Useful Academic Writing Resources
    By: RI-TELLER Editors
    Page 10

Theme: Math
1.  Deconstructing the Math Myth
   RI-TELLER Editors
   Page 1

2.  Tips ESL Teachers Can Use: Talking With Elementary School Teachers About Math and ELLS
    By: Anne Goodrow
    Page 1

3.  African Voices: Focus on Cape Verde
   By: Anita Hane Lo
   Page 9

4.  Math Instruction in an Adult ELL Program
    By: Karisa Tashjan
    Page 10

5.  Useful Math Links
    Compiled by: Nancy Cloud
    Page 12

6.  Advocacy Corner
   By: Suzanne DaSilva
   Page 16

Theme: RTI
1.  RTI Front and Center: Noted Speaker Addresses Issue at RITELL Conference By: J.A. Lopes
    Page 1

2.  The New Evaluation System Qs & As
    RI-TELLER Editors
    Page 1

3.  Top Picks on RTI for ELLS K-12
    By: Nancy Cloud
    Page 2

4.  Advocacy Corner
   RI-TELLER Editors
   Page 8

5.  Adult Education Corner: Notes from Learning Differences Awareness Conference
    By: Sherry Lehane
    Page 10

6.  Explicit Targeted Instruction
   By: Syliva Stipich
   Page 11

7.  Scaffolding the Comparison-Contrast Essay
   By: Kiyomi Donnelly
   Page 12

Theme: Co-Teaching and Collaboration
1.  The High Stakes of Standardized Testing: RITELL Supports Bill to Eliminate NECAP Tests in Graduation Decisions
    RI-TELLER Editors
    Page 1

2.  Six Professional Developments Videos for ESL Teachers on Co-Teaching and Collaboration
    By Nancy Cloud
    Page 2

3.  What I’ve Learned about Co-Teaching
   By: Kimberly Lebrun
   Page 5

4.  Como? Improving Listening Skills at Central Falls High School
    By: Pam Garabedian, Sheila Lawless-Burke, Michael Paul
    Page 8

5.  African Voices: Focus on Libera: In Their Own Words
    By: Anta Lo
    Page 10

6.  A Conversation with Susan Rotblat-Walker: Reflections on a Remarkable Career
    By: J.A Lopes
    Page 13

Theme: Technology
1.  C3=Common Core Collaboration
    By: Dr. Andrea Hongisfeld  and Dr. Maria G. Dove
    Page 1

2.  iPads in the ELL Classroom
    By: Lauren Bentley and Dina Silvaggio
    Page 1
3.  Advocacy Corner
    RITELL Board Committee Members
    Page 2

4.  Recommended iPad APPS
    Compiled by Rene Rosivach
    Page 7

5.  Reader’s Opinion: Technology or the Deep Blue Sea
    By: J.A. Lopes
    Page 9

6.   ELL-U
    By: Karisa Tashjian
    Page 10

7.  African Voices: Celebreating Eid-al-Adha
    By: Anta Hane Lo
    Page 11

Theme: Common Core/Adult Education
1.  Common Core State Standards and ELLS
    RI-TELLER Editors
    Page 1

2.  English Language Learners and the Common Core State  
    Standards Resources
    Compiled from Achieve
    Page 1

3.  Advocacy Story
   By: Michael Paul
   Page 9

4.  Adult Education Corner: U.S Citizenship Preparation: Not Just 100 Civic Questions
    By: Larry Britt
    Page 12

5.  Useful Tools for the Independent Adult ELL
    By: Kevin McKay
    Page 16

6.  Translanguaging
   By: Maria Moret
   Page 17

Theme: Sheltered Instruction and the Common Core
1.  Keeping Up With the Common Core
    By: J. A. Lopes
    Page 1

2.  ELLs, Sheltered Instruction and The Common Core: Resources for Teachers
    Compiled By: Ellen Nanni
    Page 1

3.  College and Career Readiness- Two Teacher’s Perspectives
    By: Kathy Evans and Chris Bourret
    Page 10

4.  The Read Aloud in the ESL Classroom
    By: John O’Connor
    Page 11

Theme: Total Participation Techniques
1. ELL School Success & Total Participation Techniques
     by: William J. Himmele and Persida Himmele
     Page 1

2. Why Get On Twitter
     by: Flavia Molea Baker
     Page 7

3. Using a Mobile Vocabulary App
     by: Chris Bourret
     Page 9

3. One Teacher's Journey
     by: Doug Norris
     Page 11

Theme: Story Telling
1. Cultural Competence
    by Lindy Fregeolle
    page 1

2. La Vida: Giving Life to Your Stories
    by D.H. Figueredo
    page 1

3. Using the ESL Classroom to Teach Children a Culture of  
    by Anta Lo
    page 7

4. Implementing Vocabulary Stations in a College ESL Setting
    by Laura Vawter
    page 11

1. Picture Books to Help ELLs Access Common Core Anchor Reading Standards
      by Judity O'Loughlin

2. Resources for Teachers: Pairing Fiction and Nonfiction to Teach Content to ELLs.
      by Nancy Cloud

3. Program Profile: EAP at Salve Regina University
      by Kiyomi Donnelly

4. Getting Students to Tell a Story
      by Laura Vawter

5. Using Google Voice
      by Chris Bourret

1. A New Academic Vocabulary List
      by Dr. Dee Gardner

2. 6 Top-Notch Vocabulary Instruction Resources for ESL Specialists
      by Dr. Nancy Cloud

3. Strategies for Teaching Academic Vocabulary
      by Kiyomi Donnelly & Carolina Bisio

4. Get Your Passports at the Pawtucket Public Library
      by Julie Fischer

5. Getting Students to Make Their Own Vocabulary Sets Using Quizlet
      by Chris Bourret

Theme: Techniques to Get ELLs Talking
1. 5 Strategies to Help Beginning ELLs Speak & Listen Better
      by Paul Boyd-Batstone, Ph.D.

2. Promoting Classroom-Based Discussion Resources
      by Dr. Nancy Cloud

3. Strategies to Help Adult Learners Overcome Barriers for Participating in Discussions
      by Kiyomi Donnelly & Carolina Bisio

4. Get Them Talking
      by Mary Steele

5. Pragmatics of Teaching Pragmatics
      By Laura Vawter

Issue 13: Winter 2017
Theme: Immigrants, Refugees and Long-Term ELLS

1. Welcoming Rhode Island
     by Brandon Lozeau

2. Resources for Empowering Learning & Language with Muslim Immigrant Youth
     by Heather Homonoff Woodley

3. Featured Blog: Speaking Upside Down
      by Jon Lavieri

4. Classroom Resource: Kahoot!
      by Laura Vawter

5. The Maple Leaf Becomes an Olive Branch
      by Paula Markus

6. Moving Beyond the Burning Grass
      by Mary Steele

7. The Lesson of the Doorway
      by Doug Norris

8. Adult Practitioner Award: Nancy Fritz
      by Doug Norris

9. Dorcas Builds Bridges for Immigrants & Refugees
      by Kathleen Cloutier

10. Advocate Spotlight: Omar Bah
      by Shelynn Riel-Osorio

Issue 14: Fall 2017
Theme: Long Term ELLs

1. Does the Long-Term English Learner Label Hurt the Students it was Intended to Help?

      by Dr. Maneka Deanna Brooks

2. Complex Sentences: Independent Access for Your ELLs

      by Elizabeth Hartung-Cole

3. Stories of Community and Culture Energize First Gallery Walk

      by Doug Norris

4. Using DuoLingo to Expand Learners' Vocabulary and Listening Outside of the Classroom

      by Laura Vawter

5. How to fix a Toxic Chicken (and Other Stories from Conversation Class)

      by Doug Norris

Issue 15: Spring 2018

Theme: RITELL Abroad

1. Just Because You're A Native Speaker Doesn't Mean You Can Teach ESL 

      by Keith Folse

2. 5 Questions with Rachel Greenberg

3. Coffee & Donuts

      by Doug Norris

4. So You Wanna Teach English Internationally? 

      by Graham Oakland

5. Adventures of an ELF

     by Jane George

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